Digital Gum Skills Training

ConnectTVT is launching a digital skills initiative for apprentices and return to work parents, where they will be working on real life projects to gain valuable digital skills in parallel with developing the relevant soft skills. Local employers will form a large part of the programme and will be joining us as mentors.

Come along and find out more, our first cohort will commence September 2017 and we will be taking 80 students through the programme – that’s a lot of digital talent available for Berkshire business.

Spend just 6 weeks part-time working on real-life projects to give you the digital & work ready skills to be in demand. You will also walk away with a killer CV and we will introduce you to local employers ready to hire. What’s not to like? AND if you complete the course you get 50% back at the end….

  • Introduction to social media marketing, how it’s used in business
  • New apps used by the digital community to win new customers
  • Hands on 3D printing experience – did you know you can print shoes?  
  • What is Virtual Reality and some interactive experiences
  • SEO – why should we care?
  • Web development training – it’s not all lines of code. Anyone can build amazing products. We will introduce you to HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Employability skills:
  • Local employers mentoring session where they will be sharing what digital careers exist and how much they pay followed by interactive Q&A sessions.
  • How to build an awesome CV
  • How not to mess it up in the first five minutes interview training
  • Building an online profile to be attractive to prospective employers
  • Working on real life projects across the six weeks to use your learning in real life applications.
  • You will document your progress through a diary that will give you a digital footprint to showcase to prospective employers.
  • An opportunity to meet employers recruiting now!
Courses will run part time Tuesdays and Thursday from 10am – 1pm

The total study hours are 36 hours classroom based with 24 hours home based projects. Please note you will need a laptop for the course.