Berkeley Storytelling Academy

The Berkeley Storytelling Academy teaches the secrets of business storytelling to sales and marketing professionals. Using proven techniques taken from Hollywood film-makers, authors and the greatest orators of our time, the foundation storytelling course will completely change the way you communicate with prospects, stakeholders, the media, even friends and family.

Why should you attend?

  • Win hearts and minds. Make an emotional impact on your audience
  • Be more memorable and inspiring than your competitors
  • Move people to act – from closing a sale to opening a door
Our cpd-accredited course helps you to become a more charismatic communicator at the podium, in a meeting or while giving a presentation.
What you can expect from this full-day course:
  • Learn the business case for storytelling 
  • What makes a story, a story
  • How business leaders like Steve Jobs have used drama to bring their message to life
  • The secrets of story construction
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • A framework to shape your own stories that you can apply to any part of your business
  • How to tell a memorable story about you or your business
Our courses start at £595 per head for groups of 8–10 people. Bespoke courses available. Just ask for an estimate.

For further information, contact Debbie Graham, Berkeley Communications, 0118 909 0909