Estate Cleaning

Steve Dellman, one of our cleaning team, has been busy ensuring all lamp posts and road 'furniture' is super clean around the estate.

Did you know there are 168 roadside lamp posts and 54 lighting bollards on the Park. With practice, Steve has perfected the cleaning of these items down to an amazingly short length of time. For one lamp post, it takes Steve just 90 second to clean the lower half and for one lighting bollard it takes him 15 minutes.

Steve has now made a start on the roadside railings and you can see below his hard work is already paying off. If you see Steve out and about with his chami leather, feel free to say hi to him, he's a friendly chap!

lampPostDirty_image.jpg   lampPostClean_image.jpg

RailingDirty_image.jpg  RailingClean_image.jpg