Fifty Ecostyrocrete bat boxes take up residence at Green Park

All wildlife are welcome here at Green Park and we are delighted to be having installed 50 new bat boxes by Ecostyrocrete, which will be of use to the bats we have here on the park.

The boxes are made from used polystyrene which is shredded and mixed with cement to create an insulated and durable replacement roost. Mountains of long-lived polystyrene can end up in a landfill site, better if it is long-lived as a wildlife habitat!

Bats are a vital part of our native wildlife and account for around a third of the UK’s mammal population. Being top predators of common nocturnal insects – eating thousands a night, and occupying a wide range of habitats, they are key indicators of the wider health of our environment.

Their numbers were falling dramatically for many decades with habitat loss and fragmentation, changing agricultural practices, and increasing urban development cited as the major causes.

Since the enactment of legal protection, targeted conservation measures and improving education to break myths surrounding bats, their numbers are seen to be rising lately. There are 18 species of bat in the UK.

One simple conservation measure, in the absence of mature trees with cracks, crevices and hollows, is to provide bat boxes.

Three species are thought not to use boxes and for those that do, the boxes must be draught free and insulated and in the right location. They will use them for different reasons at different times in different locations. For example, during the maternity season in spring and summer adult females may roost together in numbers so will need a large box. At the same time, male bats will use small bachelor roosts. The boxes are to be placed all over the park to allow for the different requirements throughout the year; warm, sunny locations in spring and summer and cool locations in autumn and winter. Some species like crevices where others use hollow roosts.

We are are delighted and privileged to be working with Greenwood’s Ecohabitats who have supplied Green Park with 50 bat boxes of various sizes of the crevice and hollow design types.

“To be a part of the contribution Green Park is already making for increasing biodiversity, is exciting” -  Liz Greenwood from Greenwoods Ecohabitates

Green Park's annual Bat Walk & Talk will be taking place on Wednesday 24 August. If you would like to attend, please email Claire Watson.