Green Park Bees

What’s small, buzzing and responsible for the pollination of over 90 fruit and vegetable crops worldwide? Yes, it’s the honey bee.

Due to the success of the two hives from 2014, we have increased the number to three hives, living on the roof of 100 Brook Drive, each making the most of the landscape of Green Park to produce honey.

Members of the Landscaping team and the Green Park Management Team recently completed a beekeeping course to ensure all three hives are looked after and nurtured. Some interesting facts about the Green Park bees:

  • There are in excess of 100,000 bees between the three colonies
  • With the proximity to the wildlife and Longwater Lake, the bees all have plenty to food and water to keep them going. If they get tired of what our landscape has to offer, they can always fly over the M4 to the fields near Grazeley and Burghfield
  • They have been named after the minions due to the beekeepers’ appearance when in their suits! So, we have; Stuart, Kevin and Bob!
We look forward to reaping the benefits of the bees’ hardwork when we harvest our very own Green Park honey later in the year.