Green Park Olympics, 28 July 2016

Walking 50 metres whilst balancing on a couple of walking skis looks easy but as we found out at the Green Park Olympics on Thursday 28 July, it certainly was not a walk in the park. Along with five other activities, including tug of war, sack race and a football dribble whilst wearing sumo wrestling suits (yes, really), the walking skis proved a challenge for the 11 teams from across Green Park who competed against each other for a grown-up version of a school sports day.

A big well done to teams from SD Worx and Orka Financial who both came first in the two sessions held.

The photos are on the Green Park Facebook page so feel free to tag yourselves.

GreenPK_93_SDWorx-(1).jpg Winners of the first session, SDWorx

GreenPK_191_OrkaFinancial-(1).jpg Winners of the second session, Orka Financial