Green Park photography competition

We want occupiers and those working at Green Park to celebrate the very best of life at Green Park through photography.

However, Green Park is private property and some occupiers have requested that buildings are not included in those pictures.

Those submitting photographs are reminded that:

  • Only the following buildings can be photographed - 100 Longwater Avenue, 100 Brook Drive and 250 South Oak Way.
  • All other buildings cannot be photographed, unless the occupier has given their permission in writing.
  • Individual occupiers should not be included in any pictures unless permission is granted in writing.
  • Pictures submitted should include date and location of where taken.
  • Green Park’s management team reserves the right to remove pictures that do not comply with the rules.
If you’d like to get involved in the Green Park photography competition, please send your pictures of Green Park to

Photos will be share on the Green Park Social Media sites: