It all turned spooky here at Green Park

Thank you to all who came out with the ghouls and ghosts on Friday 27 October for our annual Spooktacular Quiz. Split in to two sections, the quiz saw fifteen teams from across the Park come together to answer questions such as ‘Ponder Stibbons’ is the name of a wizard in books by which author? and, In what year did the infamous Jack the Ripper terrify the population of east London?

The picture round was won by The Scary Fairies team from Berkeley Group, who walked away with wine and halloween goodies to enjoy. With an amazing score of 45 out of 51, the main quiz winners were The Haunted Love Shack team from Britannia Pharaceuticals, who went home with Prozecco, champagne truffles and a Murder Mystery Game each.

The photos from the quiz are all on the Green Park Facebook page.