It's a worm's life!

Occupiers and the Green Park Management Team based at 100 Longwater Avenue are recycling their food waste by feeding their leftovers to the Green Park's worms who live in a wormery at the back of the building.

The worms enjoy a varied diet of tea bags and coffee granules, fruit peel and leftover pizza to name just a few delights; they then turn these leftovers into a nutrient rich compost which the landscaping team use throughout the Estate to grow both plants and vegetables in the veggie patch.

A second benefit of composting food waste is the reduction of food waste being thrown away in the general waste bins. By reducing the amount of food being discarded with general waste we can also cut down on the number of bin lifts, thus freeing up money to spend on nicer things.

If you are based at 100 Longwater Avenue and would like to take part, please contact Laura Jones ( for more information.