Lapwing chicks

Spring saw some new inhabitants to Green Park when roughly 20 Lapwings used one of the vacant plots for growing their family units!

These magpie-like birds are an endangered species and have been categorized as Red by the RSPB. Having them nest here is very exciting for Green Park and bird watchers alike.

Over a dozen baby chicks have been spotted by our Landscaping team, who even had to step in and save a couple who were attempting to cross Longwater Avenue!

A little bit about the Lapwings from
The Lapwing is also known as the peewit in imitation of its display calls, but it’s proper name describes its wavering flight. Its black and white appearance and round-winged shape in flight make it distinctive, even without its splendid crest.

The following images were taken by our Landscape Manager, Rob Parkin, and were all taken on Green Park: