Occupier Ken Buckley will be attempting to break World Record

Do not be alarmed if you have seen a man cycling on a strange looking bike around Green Park! Ken Buckley from Logi Analytics has been chosen from a group of elite cyclists around the UK to take on the World Human Powered Speed Challenge for a team from the University of Liverpool and he’s been using Green Park to practice.

The event will see Ken and the team travel to Nevada desert in September where they will attempt to break the Human Powered Land speed Record, which is currently held by a team of Dutch students who clocked 83.13mph in 2013.

The bullet shaped bike, called The Arion1, which Ken will be cycling has been built for his measurements after he went for 3D imaging of his cycling position earlier this year. Ken will be completely enclosed in Arion1 with only two monitors inside to use to guide his direction. The record will be the average speed taken over 200m but it will take a lot longer for Ken to reach the required speed… there’s a 5 mile build up on a perfectly flat and straight piece of road in Battle Mountain, Nevada where the event takes place.

Ken has undergone a lot of rigorous tests and training regimes in readiness for the attempt. Not only has he had to ensure his diet and fitness levels are maintained but he has also trained himself not to scratch when he has an itch. There’s no room inside the bike to take your hands off the handlebars and you wouldn’t want to at 80mph anyway!

See Ken and the team on this promotional video.

We wish Ken and the team from University of Liverpool all the best in their challenge and will keep you all updated with the results. You can also track his progress at http://kenbuckley.co.uk/