Salvation Army Clothes Collection bin at 100 Longwater Avenue

We now have a Salvation Army Clothing Collection bin at 100 Longwater Avenue for you to donate any unwanted clothing and shoes.

Items which can be donated are:

  • bed linen
  • curtains
  • clothes
  • pairs of shoes (tied together)
  • underwear
Please ensure all items donated are clean before they go into the bin.

Items donated are all checked in a central facility for waste or soiling. High standard items are:
  • Used to stock Salvation Army shops
  • Used to satisfy any humanitarian needs identified by The Salvation Army, including helping victims of natural disasters such as flooding
  • Exported to other countries, mainly in Eastern Europe, where it provides fashionable clothing that people can afford.
Any items that aren't of a quality high enough for sale or export, will be checked to see if they can be recycled. Items that are not suitable for reuse can be shredded to make mattress filling, insulation and soundproofing for cars.

Profit that SATCoL makes from the sale of your donated clothing contributes to The Salvation Army to help fund its work throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland; in the last five years alone unwanted goods have helped us raise over £39.5 million for The Salvation Army.