The bats of Green Park

54 guests from across Green Park and the local community attended the recent introductory evening to the bats of Green Park. As part of our work to enhance the environment around the lake, our landscapers have put in place 50 bat boxes, encouraging the bats in the area to roost in safe places.

The evening began with an informal pizza supper followed by an informative talk given by volunteers from the Berks and South Bucks Bat Society. Guests were treated to viewing up close a small Pipistrelle bat called Wonky, who unfortunately had flown into a window disfiguring his face slightly, hence his name!

The bats come out from their habitat 30 minutes after dusk to feed on the midges around the lake, so we concluded the evening with grouped walks, with many a bat being seen and heard via the bat detectors.

This event has proved popular in the past and it is sure to become an annual event. 

Please visit our Facebook page to view photos from the event.