The Mute Swans residing at Green Park

There is always a lot of interest in our beautiful waterfowl onsite and some favourites seem to be our magnificent mute swans.

The number of swans at Green Park ranges from two to three breeding pairs at the same time, but we usually have around three to four individuals.

Two swans have caused a few occupiers a bit of concern recently when the female of the pair was seen limping around the pool at South Oak Way. This pair has been on the Park for many years and the female has developed arthritis throughout that time. Yes, swans also get arthritis in their feet!

This pair often start their morning by preening on the bankside along Brook Drive and then walk to South Oak Way and have been seen using the zebra crossing there to get to the Bayer/PepsiCo pool.

If you spot them please feel free to take some photos and let us see them with the hash tag #GreenParkReading.

If you do see signs of the female really struggling or you are worried about her safety please contact Faye Kelland