Green Park Easter Treasure Hunt 2017

 11:00 AM - 01:45 PM

Our annual Easter Treasure Hunt will visit areas of Green Park not always visited... can you solve the clues to win the treasure?

Are you ready for our annual Easter Treasure Hunt? Get ready and be in with a chance to win some Easter goodies...

We recommend you allow yourself 40 minutes to complete this year's Easter Treasure Hunt, and you'll need to take a pen with you.

Ready? All right then, here's the first clue...

It’s time to go and hit a ball
(I’m afraid it’s not time for a Food Festival)
While you’re there you can hit the gym
But there’s no time I’m afraid to have a swim

Good luck! Have fun following the different areas of Green Park... maybe to somewhere you have not been to before, where you will have to solve riddles and perhaps get involved in an activity or two!

There's a prize for each of the first 60 participants and a hamper full of easter goodies for one lucky winner.

Happy hunting!