Internet of Things Security Event

 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM

With the ever-increasing number of DDoS attacks, ransomware and hacks, Internet of Things (IoT) Security is a real concern for end users and organisations.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security is a real concern for end users and organisations due to the ever-increasing number of attacks by hackers on consumer products, medical devices, vehicles, SCADA, Industrial Control, Building Management Systems, IT and OT Systems and networks of: retailers, public sector organisations, utilities, transport, energy sector, production, manufacturing, plant, process and control companies e.g.:

  • 2014 - A hack attack caused massive damage at a German Steel plant
  • 2015 - A cyber-attack on Ukrainian electricity distribution companies caused a major power outage, with disruption to over 50 substations. Fiat Chrysler had to recall 1.4 million cars in US after security researchers showed that one of its cars could be hacked
  • 2016 - Hackers infiltrated a water utility’s control system and changed the levels of chemicals being used to treat tap water. A massive Internet Distributed Denial of Service attack which caused outages for many Web sites (including Twitter, Amazon, Spotify and Netflix) was launched with the help of hacked “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices, such as CCTV digital video recorders.
  • 2017 - NHS hit by massive ransomware attack. Research Trend Micro revealed 83,000 industrial robots are ‘exposed’ to the public-facing internet, of which thousands are not protected with authentication. A Freedom of Information request reveals a third of national critical infrastructure organisations have not met basic cybersecurity standards issued by the UK government. US Food & Drug Administration issued a letter calling for the voluntary recall of some 465,000 Abbott (formerly St. Jude Medical) pacemakers to reduce the risk of patient harm due to potential exploitation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

To gain an understanding of the potential threats and risks to your organisation and security best practice meet leading cybersecurity experts from: Arm, Cisco, Device Authority, IBM, IoT Security Foundation, Microsoft, Pen Test Partners, Symantec, Trustwave, T&VS, UL & University of Southampton.

The event is supported by the Knowledge Transfer Network, Innovate UK’s network partner.


09.30  Registration, Refreshments and Networking
"IoT Security at the KTN" Robin Kennedy, KTN
"Weaponising the IoT" Ken Munro, Pen Test Partners
"Industrial IoT - How Secure is it?" Ray Evans, IBM
"IoT Security Framework" Richard Marshall, IoT Security Foundation
"Security starts with a threat model" Phil Winstanley, Microsoft
"IoT Threat Defense" Adrian Fry, Cisco
"IoT Security Cornerstones" Brian Witten, Symantec
"IoT Passwords (Past, Present and Future)" Edward Williams, Trustwave
"Hardware-Level Intrusion Detection" Professor Mark Zwolinski, University of Southampton
"Right-sizing secure hardware for a range of threats and assets" Erik Jacobson, Arm
"Device Management & 'Over-The-Air' Firmware Upgrade for Constrained Devices" Duncan Purves, Connect2 Systems
"Internet of Things security architecture" John Donnelly, Microsoft
"IoT security testing - helping to improve customer confidence and win new clients" Bryon Lowen, T&VS
"Delivering trust through independent security testing and certification" Laurens van Oijen, UL
"The Art of Automation" Rob Dobson, Campbell Elder, Mark Tootell, Device Authority, MultiTech & InVMA
17.30  Event Close