Internet of Things Thames Valley Meetup

 06:00 PM - 09:30 PM

This group is open (free) for business, academic, public sector and technical professionals interested in the 'Internet of Things' who wish network, share knowledge and experiences and develop business opportunities.

This event is free to attend


Our speakers include:

Tara Walker is a Senior Technical Evangelist and Developer at Amazon Web Services. Who describes herself as a Geek Girl who is an ardent developer, enthusiastic software engineer and impassioned technical evangelist keen on software development/engineering and technical strategies who loves tackling big challenges, and making a difference in people's lives via technology.

John Tuersley, Manager of Vodafone’s NB-IoT and Open Labs is looking for people interested in developing NB-IoT capable devices/sensors.

Gareth Hamer is Director of Business Development, Cloud9 eSIM Technologies. Gareth will be presenting and answering your questions on embedded subscriber identity module (eSIMs).

Robin Kennedy, Transfer Manager at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) will providing an update of the latest funding opportunities and news from Innovate UK.

William Steen, Director, Armor Associates will be talking about his experience working with a customer to launch a range of intelligent furniture products using the ‘Particle’ platform.

Charles Paumelle is Co-founder and Managing Director of Microshare and Co-chair Marketing of the LoRa Alliance.

Antoine ZeniƩ, Co-Founder of ULTRA IoT will be talking about the principles from design thinking, and some of the considerations involved in developing and testing new IoT solutions.

If you are looking for a new contract position or to hire then come along and talk to Fabiola Pinheiro from LynxPro.

Meetup Agenda:

6.00 - 6.45 Drinks & Pizza Reception, Networking and meet the exhibitors
6.45 Welcome - Duncan Purves
6.50 Tara Walker, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
7.10 "eSIMs explained" Gareth Hamer, Director of Business Development, Cloud 9 Mobile
7.25 "Innovate UK opportunities and news" Robin Kennedy, KTN
7.30 'Showcase'
- "Design thinking and rapid prototyping in IoT" Antoine ZeniƩ, Co-Founder - ULTRA IoT
- "Real IoT – Particle Platform and Intelligent Furniture" William Steen, Director, Armor Associates
- "Free IoT data storage" Charles Paumelle, Co-founder Microshare, Co-chair Marketing, LoRa Alliance
- "NB-IoT and Open Labs" John Tuersley, Vodafone
7.50 'Open to the Floor'
7.55 'IoT contract & job opportunities'
- Fabiola Pinheiro, LynxPro
8.00 - 9.30 Networking and meet the exhibitors