Light In The Lens’

 12:00 AM - May 20 11:59 PM

The Photographic Angle (TPA) is a charity which holds free exhibitions across the country transforming otherwise empty spaces into temporary galleries.

TPA exhibition themes are open to all and we strive to offer photographers a variety of exciting new themes to take part in. Our curation process means the potential to get involved could not be easier. As entries come through, our curator carefully selects and catalogues the final images in preparation for print, at no expense to the photographers submitting them. We receive work from all over the world; India, America, Europe and China, and as a result, the exhibitions are a stunning mix of culture, landscape and varied points of view.

TPA runs bi-monthly photography competitions which are free to enter and open to all. Competitions open at the beginning of the month and close on the last day of the following month.

photographers we use light in our pictures to bring out the character in portraits, the grain and texture in surfaces, and to concentrate our gaze within the frame. We pick a particular moment in time to grasp the ever-changing light and capture a unique visual record.

This exhibition includes images from the widest range of subjects, which we hope will add to the exhibition’s appeal. What all these photographs have in common is the way in which the light has transformed each image so that it becomes dramatic and special.

LIGHT IN THE LENS is a touring exhibition created and supported by The Photographic Angle.

Image Credit : © Adee Tallents