Watercolour Painting class

 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Are you a budding Van Gogh or Turner?

GreenPark-Painting-Club_013_re.jpgA monthly watercolour painting class for those wishing to learn a new skill, taught by local artist Liz Chaderton. With a different technique being taught each month, the classes will lead to an exhibition of your work throughout week commencing 12 November.

Dates for the watercolour classes are:

6 March
17 April
GreenPark-Painting-Club_021_re.jpg8 May
5 June
17 July
7 August
11 September
9 October

Each student will be provided a starter kit but any other equipment you may wish to purchase will be at your own cost.

The classes will take place at 200 Longwater Avenue but may go outside once the weather improves.